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Jenna Ward-Hawkes

Speech Pathologist

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Jenna Ward-Hawkes is a passionate and creative Speech Pathologist whose primary focus has been working with children who have been diagnosed with any Speech, Language or Pervasive Developmental Disorder as well as with their families in both a public and private setting.  Jenna completed her Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) and her Masters of Speech Pathology at Flinders University.

Jenna has had extensive experience in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome.  Jenna has provided over thousands of Adelaide families and interstate families with Speech Pathology intervention and behavioural early intervention and assessment.  She has been an Applied Behavioural/Verbal Therapist for 9 years and she worked at Headstart for 8 years as an ABA consultant then as a Speech Pathologist.   She also worked within the child development unit team at Lyell McEwin Hospital.  For 3.5 years Jenna was a senior therapist and Clinic Manager at the Flinders Early Intervention Research Program.  Jenna has also co-ordinated and presented conferences/workshops across South Australia, in Darwin, regional New South Wales and in Mildura with the aim to train professionals and caregivers in behavioural strategies and communication supports.

Jenna is recognised by The Autism Association of SA as able to provide diagnostic services for children, adolescents and adults suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Currently Jenna is able to offer the following Speech Pathology services:

• Diagnostic services for children, adolescents and adults suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder

• Assessment of your child’s speech and language skills

• Assessment for school age children also includes evaluation of their phonological awareness (literacy) abilities which relates to their reading and spelling

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Tim Kittel

Speech Pathologist

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Tim Kittel brings over 15 years of speech pathology experience working in the UK and Australia to Headstart Intervention Services.
Tim diagnoses a range of developmental disorders including Language Disorder, Social Communication Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Over the 5 years spent working in health sites across London, he delivered a range of assessments and evidence-based programs to children aged 0-5 years of age. In Australia he’s worked in a range of health and disability settings, and chiefly in senior roles within the education sector. Tim profiles clients’ abilities to understand and use language, and constructs relevant, attainable and individualised strategies to assist them, their families and teachers in the classroom and at home. 
Tim’s work with upper primary and secondary students is highly regarded across South Australia. Using action-based research, he set up sustainable models of speech pathology service provision in a number of high schools, working in partnership with principals and teachers. He is regularly invited to present lectures to students at Flinders University on “Adolescents and Language Disorder”, in which he describes the significant impacts of language disorder later in life and role of speech pathology in teaching vital strategies. Tim has also designed and presented a range of workshops for teachers and other professionals on establishing support for students presenting with language disorders.
In addition to a Bachelor of Speech Pathology, he holds an Honours Degree in English Literature. 
Tim consults from the Wayville Office.
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Georgia Hank

Speech Pathologist

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Georgia is a caring and enthusiastic Speech Pathologist who is passionate about working with paediatric populations in particular, those with autism spectrum disorders.  She completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Flinders University in 2015. 

Georgia has experience working with children from an early age of 0-5 years through to school aged children and adolescents, as well as adults in rehabilitative contexts. 

Georgia is passionate about speech and language, particularly working in collaboration with schools in providing the best service for children and their families. She has had experience delivering speech pathology assessments and intervention programs that are individually tailored with a family-centered focus. Georgia ensures she meets the goals of the family by collaborating with other professionals to support their child’s needs. 

Georgia is certified and trained in using the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding intervention.  This is an approach to feeding therapy that builds a child’s oral motor skills, and increases the variety and range of foods in their diet. 

Georgia is recognised by The Autism Association of SA as able to provide diagnostic assessments for children, adolescents and adults suspected of having Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Georgia previously worked as an Allied Health Assistant at Headstart throughout 2015 while studying at university. This saw her traveling to the homes of families with children with autism spectrum disorder to provide speech pathology services specific to the individual’s goals. 

Georgia believes in holistic care, and in providing the best evidence-based practice to all families she interacts with. She enjoys connecting with her clients and their families in building a strong therapeutic relationship. 

Georgia consults from Wayville

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Sophie Orchard

Speech Pathologist

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Sophie is an energetic, caring and compassionate Speech Pathologist with a specific interest in working with children and adults who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and their families. She completed her Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Flinders University in 2016. 
Sophie has experience in working with children aged 0-5, school age children, adolescents and adults with a wide range of speech and language needs. Sophie has a specific interest in providing intervention around social problem solving and behaviour management for clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Social problem solving is a skill that is often challenging for people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Sophie aims to help clients develop appropriate strategies for navigating tricky social solutions.  All inall, this helps clients to develop perspective and build relationships with others.
Sophie aims to provide clients and their families with evidence-based, individualised intervention that best facilitates their participation in everyday life. She enjoys building strong therapeutic relationships with parents and schools to ensure clients get the most out of therapy.
Sophie consults from Gawler on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
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Kirsty Jones

Speech Pathologist

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Kirsty is a compassionate and committed Speech Pathologist with a particular interest in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She completed her Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Flinders University in 2016.

Kirsty has experience working with children in early intervention and primary school settings, with a focus on speech, language, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has also worked with adults within a rehabilitation setting. Kirsty has experience collaborating with schools and other professionals to meet the goals of her clients and their families. While in her final two years of university, Kirsty worked as a Speech Pathology Assistant. This involved implementing home-based Speech Pathology intervention programs to support children with communication difficulties.

Kirsty is passionate about working closely with clients and their families to provide tailored, evidence-based speech pathology services that suit the individual’s needs.

Kirsty consults from Gawler.

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Tom Gaffney

Speech Pathologist

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Tom is a Speech Pathologist whose passions are in developing the communication skills of younger children and adolescents. Tom has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology degree from Flinders University.

Tom has had experience in working with children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder in all areas of language. He has a distinct interest in supporting positive, lifelong social communication skills in the early stages of development, as well as assisting in the development of functional core communication skills that can be used in school, home, and community settings. He also strongly believes in facilitating strong professional relationships between clients, families, and allied health workers and keeping an ‘open door’ into discussing concerns and ideas throughout the therapy journey.

Tom has had previous experience in the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis, and uses his repertoire of evidence-based practice to individualise goals and interventions for each client and their family. This approach of individualised intervention plays a key role in Tom’s values of providing effective, approachable, functional, and enjoyable intervention for clients and their families.

Tom consults from Gawler. 

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Teagan Hensen-Helgeson

Speech Pathologist

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Teagan is a passionate and caring Speech Pathologist who enjoys being able to provide communication and feeding support to others to assist them in becoming independent. Teagan has a particular interest in working with the paediatric population to support their development and encourage them to be their own person. Teagan completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Flinders University in 2015.

Teagan has experience working within mainstream and support schools settings, providing communication and feeding support for children aged 4-18 in Tasmania. She also has experience interacting with young children aged 0-4, getting great satisfaction in being able to observe and support their progress.

Teagan believes it is important to provide support to client’s as well as their families to allow them to gain independence and autonomy in their lives. By focusing on their independence and functional skills, this will allow the client to participate and contribute to their families and wider communities.

Teagan is certified and trained in using the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding. This approach builds and teaches the client the skills required for eating. This promotes an increase in the amount, variety and range of food in the client’s diet.

Teagan is passionate about working closely with families and other professionals involved in the client’s care to ensure their goals are being met, as well as individualised evidence-based approaches are being used. She enjoys developing good therapeutic relationships with her clients to make sure the assessment and therapy provided is appropriate for the client.

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